Estate Planning

Estate planning is the area of law that helps people organize their affairs before they die. Writing a will is a key part of estate planning, but other matters are also involved and covered.

Preparing medical directives can guide caregivers and family members if a person cannot make decisions at the end of life. Trusts can be used to distribute your property to your heirs or beneficiaries without the need for probate. Trusts can also preserve, manage, and distribute property on behalf of heirs or beneficiaries who are unable to manage their own affairs.

We understand the Blairsville area and surrounding communities and can assist you immeasurably with organizing your affairs in an orderly fashion.

A Good Estate Plan

A good estate plan begins with considering your personal wishes, your family situation, and your personal and real property. Health care directives can be written, expressing your desires to your caregivers should you be unable to do so yourself.

We will ask you about your family members and their ability to manage affairs. Suppose you must provide for the care of young children or dependent adults who cannot make decisions. In that case, an estate planning attorney can draft and implement guardianships, conservatorships, and trusts that will ensure your loved ones are cared for if you are not able to watch over them.

A properly drafted will can ensure that your property is allocated the way you wish and help minimize quarreling by your heirs. The law firm of Richard W. Sarrell II, LLC has extensive experience in estate planning. If you are in the North Georgia area and are looking for a knowledgeable local estate-planning lawyer who understands the community and your estate-planning needs, contact us today for a consultation.