Probate law is sometimes complex, and there are many details to consider at all times. Probate law is the field of law that deals with the property and debts of a person after they die. It also deals with advance planning for death by making a will or creating a trust. Local probate courts also deal with the affairs of individuals who cannot care for themselves by supervising guardianships and conservatorships.

Probate Administration

Administering an estate with no will or probating an estate with a will involves a series of highly detailed tasks. The probate court often requires a comprehensive inventory of the personal and real property of the deceased.

The court will also wish to know the expenses and debts of the deceased and to make certain that the deceased’s assets are being properly used, both to pay the claims of the creditors and to distribute to the heirs. There may also be state and federal estate and inheritance taxes to pay.

Often, the deceased’s relatives live far away and cannot fully attend to the administration of the estate. At all times, the loss of a loved one is traumatic enough, without piling on the technical requirements of the court. We understand the probate process and can assist with the administration of the estate for the heirs.

Probate Attorney

Richard W. Sarrell, II, has extensive experience with probate matters all over North Georgia. If you need help drafting a will, probating a will, or resolving an estate when a loved one had no will, we can help you. Richard has the expertise you need in contested estate matters and setting up guardianship or conservatorship. Call us today for a consultation.